42+ Funny Gorilla Jokes

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of gorilla humor! Get ready to go bananas with laughter as we bring you an uproarious collection of 42+ Funny Gorilla Jokes. From clever puns to rib-tickling one-liners, these jokes are guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear. So, put on your jungle explorer hat and prepare to swing into the hilarity!

Gorilla Jokes

Gorilla Jokes

Get ready for a wild ride of laughter with our fantastic collection of gorilla jokes that are as awesome as Raccoon jokes for both adults and kids! So, gather around, and let’s enjoy some jungle-inspired humor that everyone will enjoy!

Funny Gorilla Jokes

1. Why did the gorilla go to the comedy club? To find its comedic “ape-peel”!

2. How do you communicate with a gorilla underwater? With “ape-rations”!

3. What do you call a gorilla with a banana in each ear? Anything you want; it can’t hear you!

4. Why was the gorilla so good at math? It could “count” on its fingers!

5. How do gorillas keep their hands warm in the winter? They wear “bananamitts”!

6. What do you call a gorilla that loves ballroom dancing? A “swingin'” ape!

7. Why did the gorilla break up with its significant other? It felt like they were “apeart”!

8. What’s a gorilla’s favorite fruit? Bana-“na-na-na-na”!

9. How does a gorilla make a phone call? With a “jungle”!

10. What did the gorilla say when it saw the dentist? “Long time no ‘tooth’, doc!”

11. What’s a gorilla’s favorite game? Hide and “seek”!

12. How did the gorilla become a chef? It wanted to make “banan-a-fé”!

13. Why did the gorilla join a gym? To work on its “ape”-titude!

14. What did the gorilla say when it slipped on a banana peel? “It’s a-peeling!”

15. How do gorillas like their coffee? “Strong” and “ape-resso”!

16. What’s a gorilla’s favorite type of music? “Jungle” beats!

17. How does a gorilla get down from a tree? It “apes” down!

18. What do you call a gorilla with a sunburn? A “red-hot” ape!

19. Why was the gorilla always invited to parties? It was a real “ape-magnet”!

20. What do you call a gorilla with a rocket launcher? An “ape-stronaut”!

21. Why did the gorilla bring a ladder to the zoo? It wanted to “reach” new heights!

22. What do you get when you cross a gorilla and a vampire? A “munching” monster!

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Gorilla One Liners

Now, if you’re in a hurry to laugh your heart out, these Gorilla one-liners will do the trick:

Gorilla One Liners

1. What do you call a gorilla that loves classical music? Answer: A “con-gorilla”!

2. Why did the gorilla like the banana phone? Answer: It was a “ring-ape”!

3. How do you unlock a gorilla’s phone? Answer: With its “apesscode”!

4. Why did the gorilla go to therapy? Answer: To work through its “ape-issues”!

5. What’s a gorilla’s favorite kind of ice cream? Answer: “Chunky” monkey, of course!

6. Why did the gorilla become a detective? Answer: To solve “ape-stract” mysteries!

7. What did the gorilla say when it lost its favorite toy? Answer: “I’m going bananas without it!”

8. How do gorillas stay in shape? Answer: They “ape-rercise” regularly!

9. Why did the gorilla bring a ladder to the zoo? Answer: It wanted to “reach” new heights!

10. How did the gorilla break into showbiz? Answer: With a “star-ape” performance!

Best Gorilla Puns

Prepare yourself for some gorilla-tastic puns that’ll leave you in stitches:

1. What’s a gorilla’s favorite musical instrument? Answer: The “ape”-ricord!

2. What did the gorilla say when it saw a banana on the floor? Answer: “Well, isn’t that a-peeling!”

3. Why did the gorilla join a book club? Answer: It wanted to “turn a new ape-age”!

4. What did the gorilla say after finishing a delicious meal? Answer: “That was a-“gorilla”-cious!”

5. How do gorillas like their steaks cooked? Answer: “Ape”-ricot glazed!

6. What’s a gorilla’s favorite game on a hot day? Answer: “Ape”-sicle sticks!

7. Why did the gorilla break up with its partner? Answer: They were “un-ape-ropriate” for each other!

8. What do you call a gorilla that loves to dance? Answer: A “swing”-ing ape!

9. How did the gorilla score a touchdown? Answer: It ran “ape”-end zone!

10. Why did the gorilla go to art school? Answer: It wanted to “ape”-preciate fine art!

Gorilla Fun Facts

Before we continue with the hilarity, let’s take a moment to appreciate some fascinating gorilla facts:

  1. Gorillas are herbivores and primarily eat fruits, leaves, stems, and shoots. Their favorite snack, of course, is the banana!
  2. Gorillas live in tight-knit family groups led by a dominant silverback male. These gentle giants are highly social and exhibit strong bonds within their troop.
  3. When gorillas feel threatened, they exhibit aggressive behaviors such as chest-beating and roaring. But don’t worry, these displays are usually a warning to stay away.
  4. Gorillas share approximately 98% of their DNA with humans, making them our close relatives in the animal kingdom.
  5. Unfortunately, gorillas face threats from habitat loss, poaching, and disease. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect these majestic creatures for future generations.

Gorilla Tongue Twisters

Fancy a challenge? Try saying these gorilla-themed tongue twisters three times fast:

  1. Gus the great gorilla gleefully grabs grapes.
  2. Silly Sammy the swinging gorilla sings silly songs.
  3. Wendy the wild gorilla wears wacky wardrobe.
  4. Cheeky Charlie chuckles, chewing chewy cherries.
  5. Gavin the goofy gorilla giggles while gobbling grapes.


Congratulations! You’ve survived the riotous jungle of Funny Gorilla Jokes. We hope these jokes brought a roar of laughter to your day and brightened your mood. Gorillas may be big and strong, but they sure know how to tickle our funny bones with their charm and grace.

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