80+ Jokes About Pigs

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that pigs are downright entertaining. From their curly tails to their adorable snouts, they’ve always brought smiles to our faces. Today, we’re going to increase that dose of happiness with 80+ jokes about Pigs. So, pull up a chair, grab some popcorn (or perhaps bacon-flavored snacks?), and let’s dive right into the giggles.

Pig puns

Pig Puns

Puns are the backbone of any classic joke collection. Pigs and puns together? We’ve struck gold! Here’s a treasure trove of some piggy puns that will have you squealing with delight.

  1. I’m sow excited for these puns!
  2. That’s just hogwash.
  3. Life’s a pig and then you fry.
  4. I’m in a boaring meeting right now.
  5. I’m feeling pig-tastic today!
  6. Let’s hog the spotlight.
  7. That joke was bacon me laugh.
  8. We’re like two pigs in a blanket.
  9. I’ve been told I’m quite pigsquisite.
  10. I think I’m getting the swine flu… I feel pork.
  11. That was a rasher decision.
  12. This place is a pigsty!
  13. She’s the apple of my piggy eye.
  14. He went whole hog on that project.
  15. That’s the best thing since sliced bread and bacon.
  16. Feeling a bit pork-pied after that meal.
  17. It was a pork-ticularly good day.
  18. I’ve got a crispy feeling about this.
  19. You’ve got some real sow-l.
  20. Pigs and music? That’s swine and dandy!
  21. I’m reading a book on pigs. It’s pure pork fiction.
  22. That film was a real pig-buster.
  23. Let’s go hog wild tonight!
  24. He’s a real ham-bassador for pigs.
  25. I’d tell you a construction joke, but I’m still building it.
  26. Have you visited the pork-a-lis in Greece?
  27. That’s sow-prise news!
  28. I’m feeling a bit oink-lined today.
  29. Hog and hearty meal, wasn’t it?
  30. That idea was porkgenius.
  31. Are you trying to swinedle me?
  32. Your puns are boar-derline funny.
  33. These puns are pig-ging me out!
  34. He’s the pig deal around here.
  35. Quit pig-kering with your sibling!
  36. That’s a sty-lish outfit you’ve got on.
  37. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it. But I’m bacon for more.
  38. She has a pork-chop hairstyle.
  39. That dessert was pig-licious.
  40. Swine not try something new?

I hope these puns have you smiling and maybe even giggling a little! Enjoy!

Best Pig Jokes

The classics never fade. These Pig jokes are timeless and will leave you laughing, no matter how old you are!

Best pig jokes
  1. Why did the pig go to the doctor? He was feeling a bit porkly.
  2. What do you call a pig with three eyes? Piiig.
  3. Why did the pig sit by the campfire? He wanted to make pork ‘n beans.
  4. How do pigs stay cool in the summer? They sit by the ham fan.
  5. What do you get when you cross a pig with a computer? A lot of bytes.
  6. Why did the pig get lost in the city? He took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.
  7. What did the farmer say after losing his pig? “That’s hogwash!”
  8. Why did the piggy get in trouble at school? For hogging the chalk.
  9. How do you take a sick pig to the hospital? In a hambulance!
  10. Why did the pig bring a pen? Because pigs love to draw in the mud.
  11. Why don’t pigs ever play soccer? They hog the ball too much.
  12. What do you call a pig thief? A hamburglar.
  13. Why did the piggy go to the beach? To catch some waves and fry.
  14. What do you call a pig with no legs? Ground pork.
  15. Why was the piggy looking sad? Because people kept making bacon out of his family.
  16. What do you get when you play tug-of-war with a pig? Pulled pork.
  17. How does a pig go camping? He packs his hamper.
  18. What did the grape say when the pig stepped on it? Nothing, it just let out a little whine.
  19. Why was the pig feeling uneasy at the barbecue? He was the main dish.
  20. Why did the pig stop sunbathing? He was bacon in the heat.
  21. What’s a pig’s favorite instrument? The pig-drums.
  22. What do you call a pig that knows karate? Pork Chop.
  23. Why did the piggy bank go to the doctor? It was feeling a little broke.
  24. How did the farmer find his pig? He tractor down.
  25. What’s a pig’s favorite movie? The Swinestone Cowboys.
  26. What’s a pig’s favorite game? Mudopoly.
  27. Why did the pig get hired at the bakery? He was an expert in making bacon rolls.
  28. How does a pig write an essay? With a pigpen.
  29. Why did the pig join the choir? He heard they were looking for more ham-ony.
  30. What do you call a pig that tells jokes? A hamster.
  31. How did the piglet feel after a hard day’s work? Pork-tired.
  32. What did the pig say to the lipstick? “Stop making up lies about me!”
  33. Why did the pig sit down at the computer? He wanted to browse the hog-web.
  34. What do you call a pig that loves basketball? A slam dunker.
  35. Why was the pig so good at games? He was always hogging the spotlight.
  36. How do you make a pig laugh? Tell a swine joke.
  37. Why did the pig join the gym? To get rid of the pork belly.
  38. How do pigs write secret messages? With invisible oink.
  39. What’s a pig’s favorite dance move? The pork twist.
  40. Why did the piggy call a plumber? Because the drain was clogged with hog hair.

I hope these jokes gave you a good chuckle!

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Historical Pigs

Not only do pigs entertain, but they’ve also had a spot in historical moments. Remember the Trojan War? Of course, it was a horse, not a pig – but imagine if it was! Here are some quirky takes on pigs in history:

  1. What did the pig say during the Renaissance? “I’m a work of art!”
  2. If pigs were in charge of the calendar? January would be Hamuary.
  3. Which pig wrote about life during the 1600s? Shakes-pork.

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1. Are pigs really humorous animals in real life?

Yes, pigs are known to be intelligent and curious animals. They’re often seen playing and having a good time in their surroundings.

2. Why are there so many jokes about pigs?

Pigs have unique and identifiable characteristics, like their snout and tail, which make them easy subjects for humor.

3. Can pigs actually be trained like in the movies?

Absolutely! Pigs are highly trainable, just like dogs. They can learn tricks, and some can even be house-trained.


Our humorous journey with 80 jokes about pigs has come to an end, but the laughter shouldn’t! Pigs have been an inspiration for countless jokes, puns, and tales throughout history. Whether they’re gracing our screens or simply running around in the mud, these animals always find a way to make us chuckle. Here’s to the pigs, the ultimate comedians in the animal kingdom! Keep giggling and pass the laughter on!

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