35+ Funny Possum Puns: A Hilarious Collection of Rodent Humor!

Welcome to a rib-tickling adventure in the world of possum puns! These witty and amusing puns are sure to leave you in stitches as we delve into the hilarious antics of these furry little creatures.

So, buckle up and get ready for a laughter-filled ride with our collection of 35+ Funny Possum Puns, jokes, and one-liners. Get ready to giggle, folks!

Funny Possum Puns

Possum Puns

1. Why did the possum go to school? To improve its “playing possum” skills!

2. What do you call a possum who loves to gamble? A “high-stakes possumer”!

3. How do possums communicate secretly? They use “posscodes”!

4. Why did the possum become a chef? Because it was great at “playing dead-licious” dishes!

5. What’s a possum’s favorite party game? “Possum or Dare”!

6. Why do possums make terrible detectives? They’re always getting caught “playing possum” at crime scenes!

7. How do you throw a surprise party for a possum? You don’t; they’re always “playing dead”!

8. What do you call a possum’s dance move? The “play-dead boogie”!

9. Why do possums make excellent actors? They’ve mastered the art of “playing possum” on cue!

10. What’s a possum’s favorite board game? “Dead-opoly”!

11. Why are possums terrible at keeping secrets? Because they’re always “playing possum-sition”!

12. What do you call a possum who loves music? A “rock and possum” fan!

13. How do possums stay in shape? They do “play-dead-lates”!

14. What’s a possum’s favorite subject in school? “Playing Possum-etry”!

15. Why did the possum start a band? Because it was a “playing dead-icated” musician!

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Possum One Liners

1. I told my friend a possum joke, but they didn’t laugh. Guess they were just “playing possum” with their humor!

2. Possums make great poker players; they’re experts at “playing dead”pan!

3. Why did the possum refuse to share its food? It was too “playing dead-set” on keeping it all to itself!

4. My dad tried to scare a possum away, but it just stood there, “playing possum” like a boss!

5. What’s a possum’s favorite superhero? “Play-dead-pool”!

6. The possum’s acting skills were so impressive; it could win an Oscar for “playing possum” in a movie!

7. I asked the possum if it wanted to join a comedy club, but it declined, claiming it was already a “play-dead-y” of one!

8. I tried to teach my dog to “play possum,” but it ended up just wagging its tail in confusion!

9. Why did the possum bring a ladder to the party? To prove it was a “play-dead-lifter”!

10. My friend challenged a possum to a staring contest, but the possum won by “playing possum” for hours!

Best Possum Jokes

Best Possum Jokes

1. Why did the possum cross the road? To show the chicken how it’s done “playing possum” in traffic!

2. What did the momma possum say to her kids when they went out to play? “Remember, kids, if you get into trouble, just ‘play dead’ and everything will be o-possum!”

3. Why did the possum become a doctor? It wanted to master the art of “playing dead-icine”!

4. What do you get when you cross a possum with a ninja? A furry warrior with a black belt in “playing dead-fense”!

5. Why was the possum invited to every party? Because it knew the secret to “playing dead-lightful” pranks!

6. Why did the possum start a podcast? To share its wisdom on “playing possum” during life’s tough moments!

7. What’s a possum’s favorite late-night snack? “Play-dead-pretzels”!

8. Why do possums make terrible firefighters? They’re always “playing possum” when the fire alarm rings!

9. What did the detective possum say to the suspect? “I know you’re ‘playing possum,’ but the evidence doesn’t lie!”

10. Why did the possum become a teacher? To educate others on the fine art of “playing possum” 101!

Possum Fun Facts

  1. Possums are expert escape artists; if caught by predators, they’ll resort to “playing possum” as a last resort defense mechanism.
  2. Possums have remarkable memories; they can remember where they found food weeks after the fact. No wonder they excel at “playing dead-icated” hunters!
  3. Possums are opportunistic eaters and will chow down on anything from fruits and insects to garbage and small animals. They’re truly the “play-dead-acious” gourmets of the animal kingdom!
  4. Possums have prehensile tails that they use like an extra limb to climb trees and balance. They’re masters at “playing possum-balancing”!
  5. Possums are resistant to snake venom and can feast on venomous snakes without any adverse effects. Talk about having a “play-dead-ly” immune system!

Possums in Pop Culture

  1. The possum character named “Sid” in the popular animated movie “Ice Age” is a lovable goofball who unintentionally excels at “playing possum” during dangerous situations.
  2. The comedy series “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” features an amusing scene where a possum steals a smartphone and becomes an internet sensation with its “play-dead-videos.”
  3. In the song “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies, the lyrics tell a haunting story of love and desperation, but don’t worry, no possums were harmed in the making of the song!

Possum Puns FAQ Section:

Q: Are possums and opossums the same animals?

A: While people often use the terms interchangeably, possums and opossums are different creatures. Possums are found in Australia and nearby regions, while opossums inhabit North and South America. So, they might be distant cousins, but they’re not the same!

Q: Can possums really “play dead”?

A: Absolutely! When faced with danger, possums enter a state of tonic immobility, commonly known as “playing dead.” They curl up, become stiff, and emit a foul-smelling odor to deter predators. It’s their clever survival tactic!

Q: Are possums dangerous to humans?

A: Not at all! Possums are shy and non-aggressive creatures. They prefer avoiding confrontation by “playing possum” or running away. They’re also unlikely to carry rabies due to their lower body temperature, making them quite harmless to humans.

Q: Do possums have any unique superpowers?

A: Well, possums do have some impressive traits! Apart from their “playing dead” talent, they’re excellent climbers, have opposable thumbs on their hind feet, and can carry up to 13 babies at a time! Talk about having a “play-dead-superpower”!

Q: How can I help possums in my backyard?

A: Possums are beneficial to the ecosystem as they help control insect and pest populations. To support them, create a possum-friendly environment by providing food like fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Ensure there’s fresh water available, and avoid using harmful chemicals in your garden.


Congratulations on surviving our rollercoaster of possum humor! We hope these 35 funny possum puns, jokes, and one-liners brought a smile to your face. Remember, possums are more than just adorable creatures; they’re the masters of “playing dead-icious” survival tactics! So, the next time you encounter a possum, don’t forget to appreciate its “play-dead-lightful” charm. Until then, keep the laughter alive, and keep “playing possum” with humor in your daily life!

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