75 Funny Pigeon Jokes, one liners, and Puns!

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the peculiar antics of pigeons while waiting for your morning coffee, you’re not alone. Pigeons are the unsung comedians of the urban jungle, waddling and cooing their way into our hearts and feeding our need for a good chuckle. Whether you’re a city dweller or just someone with a keen sense of avian humor, get ready to soar into a world of feathered fun with these 75 rib-tickling Pigeon jokes, one-liners, and puns that will have you cooing with laughter!

Funny Pigeon

Funny Pigeon

Pigeons might have a reputation for being a tad goofy, but let’s face it – their charm is undeniable. From their awkward yet endearing strut to their remarkable ability to turn a park bench into a runway, pigeons are the real headliners of the city streets. And what better way to celebrate their feather-brained adventures than with a collection of puns and jokes that even they would ruffle their feathers at!

Pigeon Jokes

From the skyscrapers of New York to the squares of London, pigeons are always up to some silly antics. Let’s dive into some jokes that capture their feathery follies!

Pigeon Jokes
  1. Why did the pigeon bring string to the party?
    • Because it wanted to tie the knot!
  2. What do you call a pigeon that’s a private investigator?
    • Sherlock Coo-mes!
  3. What’s a pigeon’s favorite game?
    • Beak-a-boo!
  4. What do pigeons use to hold up their pants?
    • A “loft” belt!
  5. How do pigeons stay cool in summer?
    • They use “tweet” conditioning!
  6. Why did the pigeon bring a suitcase to the park?
    • Because it wanted to travel in “coo”-mfort!
  7. What’s a pigeon’s favorite song?
    • “Wing Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midbird!
  8. How do pigeons stay updated on the latest news?
    • They “coo”-browse the internet!
  9. Why did the pigeon go to the doctor?
    • It had a case of the “coos”!
  10. What did the pigeon say when it landed on an electric wire?
    • “I’m shocked!”
  11. Why did the pigeon join a cooking class?
    • It wanted to learn how to make “egg”-straordinary meals!
  12. How does a pigeon apologize?
    • It says, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers!”
  13. What’s a pigeon’s favorite type of movie?
    • Anything with a lot of “coo”-dramatic scenes!
  14. Why did the pigeon sit on the computer?
    • It wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!
  15. What’s a pigeon’s favorite sport?
    • Squawk-etball!
  16. How do pigeons make decisions?
    • They “coo”-sult their inner flock!
  17. What’s a pigeon’s favorite book genre?
    • Mystery novels – they love a good “who-dun-it”!
  18. Why did the pigeon bring a ladder to the park?
    • To take its fitness routine to a whole new “fly”-vel!
  19. What do you call a pigeon that’s always playing pranks?
    • A joker that’s “coo”-niving!
  20. Why did the pigeon get in trouble at school?
    • It couldn’t stop “coo”-ing in class!
  21. Why did the pigeon start a band?
    • It wanted to become a “tweet” sensation!
  22. What’s a pigeon’s favorite dance move?
    • The “coo”-slide!
  23. How do pigeons pay for things?
    • With “coo”-pons, of course!
  24. Why did the pigeon sit on the clock?
    • It wanted to be on “time” for its next flight!
  25. What’s a pigeon’s favorite subject in school?
    • “Pigeon”-ometry!
  26. What do pigeons use to clean themselves?
    • “Tweet”-picks!
  27. Why was the pigeon always calm and collected?
    • Because it knew how to “coo”-l off in stressful situations!
  28. Why did the pigeon refuse to go on a diet?
    • It believed in “coo”-body positivity!
  29. What’s a pigeon’s favorite way to travel?
    • “Beak”-packing!
  30. Why did the pigeon refuse to play cards with the other birds?
    • It was afraid of getting “cheeped”!

Pigeon One-Liners

Sometimes, all you need is a quick zinger to get your point across. Here are some pigeon-themed one-liners that’ll surely ruffle some feathers!

  1. I told my pigeon a joke, but it went over its head. Literally.
  2. Pigeons might not be chefs, but they can sure “whisker” up a good laugh!
  3. Why did the pigeon join a gym? To get a “perch”fect physique!
  4. Pigeons have excellent manners – they always “wing” and “coo” before entering a room.
  5. My pigeon has a favorite rapper: Jay-Peck.
  6. What do pigeons use to send messages? Tweet-er!
  7. Pigeons make terrible secret agents. They can’t help but “coo”-tell everything!
  8. What did one pigeon say to the other? “Lettuce be friends!”
  9. Pigeons are great comedians – they have a “feather” for puns!
  10. You know you’re a true pigeon lover when you start saving breadcrumbs for retirement.
  11. Why did the pigeon always carry a pencil? For “scribble” notes, of course!
  12. Pigeons have a favorite song by Justin Timberlake: “Can’t Stop the Cooing”!
  13. Pigeons never make rash decisions – they always “coo”-nsult their gut feeling.
  14. What’s a pigeon’s favorite type of TV show? Anything with “feather”-brained characters!
  15. Pigeons are the best comedians – they’ve “coo”-ked up the funniest jokes!
  16. Why did the pigeon start a blog? It wanted to share its “coo”-l thoughts with the world!
  17. Pigeons can’t be fashion models – they always strut around in the same “plumage”!
  18. What’s a pigeon’s favorite weather? Anything that’s “feather”-wise!
  19. Pigeons are the ultimate multi-taskers – they can “coo,” waddle, and peck all at once!
  20. You haven’t experienced true joy until you’ve witnessed a pigeon playing hopscotch.

Best Pigeon Puns

Puns and Pigeons? A match made in avian heaven! Here are some pun-tastic jokes that’ll have you cooing with laughter!

Best Pigeon Puns
  1. Pigeons are experts in “coo”-peration.
  2. Pigeons never gamble – they’re afraid of “lofting” everything.
  3. Why did the pigeon break up with its partner? It wanted some “flying” solo time.
  4. I thought pigeons made good musicians, but they’re just “wing”-ing it.
  5. Pigeons would make great politicians. They’re always “campaign”-ing for more breadcrumbs!
  6. What did the pigeon say to its reflection? “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the “coo”-lest of them all?”
  7. Pigeons are true philosophers – they’re always asking the big question: “To “coo” or not to “coo”?”
  8. Pigeons are the best at keeping secrets. They’re masters of “coo”-fidential information!
  9. Why did the pigeon go to school? To improve its “math-“coo”lations”!
  10. Pigeons are excellent advice-givers. Just ask them, they’ll “coo”-nsel you!
  11. What’s a pigeon’s favorite type of movie? Anything with a lot of “coo”-dramatic scenes!
  12. Pigeons are the ultimate comedians – they “coo”-coo all the way home!
  13. Why do pigeons make terrible musicians? They always “wing” the notes!
  14. Pigeons are natural detectives – they can spot a breadcrumb thief from a mile away!
  15. Pigeons are masters of disguise – they can blend into any “flock” easily!
  16. Why did the pigeon start a fashion line? It wanted to put its “feathers” in the market!
  17. Pigeons are great at organizing events – they know how to “coo”-ordinate everything!
  18. Pigeons never forget important dates – they have an excellent “cluck”endar!
  19. Why did the pigeon become an actor? It loved the spotlight and “feather”-lights!
  20. Pigeons have a secret talent – they can dance the “cha-cha-coo”!
  21. What’s a pigeon’s favorite mode of transportation? “Coo”-ber, of course!
  22. Pigeons are the best wingmen – they always “coo”-perate in matchmaking!
  23. Why did the pigeon start a music band? It wanted to become a “rock”-star!
  24. Pigeons never worry about their weight – they’re always in “plump” shape!
  25. Pigeons excel in conflict resolution – they know how to “coo”-dly mediate!

Why Pigeons Are Comically Charming

Have you ever wondered why pigeons are the subject of so many jokes? These birds have a natural comedic charm. From their bobbing walk to their expressive eyes, pigeons often act like the jesters of the bird kingdom. Plus, their ability to thrive in urban environments has made them familiar characters in our daily lives.


There you have it – a flock of 75 uproarious Pigeon jokes, one-liners, and puns that have taken us on a delightful journey through the whimsical world of these feathered comedians. Pigeons might not be chasing after stand-up comedy careers, but their antics and peculiar behaviors are a constant source of joy and laughter. So, the next time you spot a pigeon on a park bench or a windowsill, remember that beneath those coos lies a treasure trove of hilarity just waiting to take flight!

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