100 Funny Rat Jokes

Welcome, dear reader, to the wonderful world of rodent humor! Who says that comedy can’t come in small packages? If you’re ready to chuckle, chortle, and grin, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 100 Rat Jokes that will tickle your funny bone as well as your whiskers.

Funny Rat Jokes

The Cheesy World of Rat Jokes

Without further ado, let’s get to the first course of our banquet of rat hilarity. Here are 50 Rat Jokes that are sure to make you squeak with laughter.

1. Why don’t rats use Facebook?

  • Because they’re scared of the mouse!

2. What did the rat say to the cheese?

  • You’re looking gouda today!

3. Why did the rat take a bath?

  • Because he felt grimey!

4. Why don’t rats play hide and seek?

  • Because they’re always spotted!

5. Why did the rat get a time-out?

  • Because he was being too mouse-chievous!

6. Why did the rat join the gym?

  • To get a bit more mouse-le!

7. What did the rat say when he broke his tail?

  • It’s no skin off my nose!

8. How do you stop a rat from charging?

  • Take away its credit card!

9. What do you call a rat who can sing?

  • A mouse-ician!

10. Why did the rat go to school?

  • To become a little bit mouse-marter!

11. Why did the rat wear sunglasses?

  • Because he didn’t want to be recognized!

12. What do you call a rat that can cook?

  • A chef-rat-de-cuisine!

13. What did the rat say to the cat?

  • See you later, exterminator!

14. Why are rats good at football?

  • Because they’re great at squeaking by the defense!

15. Why did the rat carry a fan?

  • Because he was a rodent of very hot-tastes!

16. What do you call a rat that tells tall tales?

  • A rat-ty yarn-spinner!

17. What’s a rat’s favorite game?

  • Hide and squeak!

18. Why was the rat feeling blue?

  • Because it had the mouse-erables!

19. What did the rat say when it saw a cat?

  • Rat’s all folks!

20. What do rats use to brush their teeth?

  • Mouse-wash and squeakpaste!

21. Why was the rat a great weightlifter?

  • He had amazing mouse-le tone!

22. What did the rat say to the racecar?

  • You’re not as fast as I rat!

23. Why don’t rats ever get lost?

  • They always follow their rat maps!

24. Why did the rat join the circus?

  • To show off his rat-diculous skills!

25. What’s a rat’s favorite movie?

  • Rat-atouille!

26. How do rats show they are excited?

  • They rat-tle and roll!

27. Why did the rat become a politician?

  • Because he wanted to serve the rat-public!

28. What do you call a rat who tells jokes?

  • A comedi-rat!

29. Why did the rat go to therapy?

  • He had too many mouse-takes!

30. Why did the rat become an artist?

  • He had a passion for rat-spectives!

31. What do you call a rat that can dance?

  • A baller-rat!

32. How do rats travel in style?

  • In their rat-chback cars!

33. What’s a rat’s favorite exercise?

  • Rat-minton!

34. What do you call a fashionable rat?

  • A rat-gent!

35. How do rats pay for their shopping?

  • With their rat-ting cards!

36. Why do rats love camping?

  • They get to play in their rat-an chairs!

37. What do you call a rat who likes to take pictures?

  • A rat-ographer!

38. Why did the rat become a baker?

  • He was great at kneading dough-rat!

39. What do you call a rat who loves to clean?

  • A tidy rat!

40. How do rats send messages?

  • By rat-mail!

41. What do you call a rat who can paint?

  • A rat-tist!

42. Why did the rat become a sailor?

  • He loved the rat-tan deck!

43. What do you call a rat that is always sad?

  • A rat-chetic!

44. Why do rats never watch scary movies?

  • They are afraid of the cat-astrophes!

45. What do you call a rat that doesn’t eat cheese?

  • A rat-iculous!

46. What’s a rat’s favorite song?

  • “Rat Me Up”!

47. What do you call a rat that can cut hair?

  • A barbe-rat!

48. Why did the rat become a scientist?

  • He wanted to explore rat-omic energy!

49. What do you call a rat that goes fishing?

  • A rat-bait!

50. How do rats say goodbye?

  • Smell ya later!

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Rat One Liners

Now, let’s delve into the quicker side of rat humor with these 20 Rat one liners. Fast, witty, and full of laughs, these are sure to keep the rat-titude going.

Rat One Liners

1. There’s never just one rat in the basement, there’s a whole pack of ’em partying!

2. All cheese no rat makes a mousetrap useless.

3. A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere, as long as it stays inside the maze.

4. Being a rat isn’t about size, it’s about attitude.

5. The early bird may get the worm, but the second rat gets the cheese!

6. Rats have mastered the art of enjoying the little things in life. Like, literally, the little things.

7. In the rat race of life, always remember to take a cheese break.

8. Rats – Proof that size doesn’t matter when you have the ability to scare an Elephant.

9. Not all heroes wear capes, some have tails and love cheese.

10. Rats: Little creatures, big adventures.

11. Some days you’re the rat, some days you’re the cheese.

12. Rat philosophy: When life gives you cheese, make a sandwich!

13. A rat is a mouse with a street education.

14. Rats – Teaching humans the real meaning of the term ‘party animal’.

15. Rats are just urban squirrels.

16. A rat’s dream is cheese, a cat’s nightmare is a rat’s dream.

17. If cats are the police of the animal world, rats are definitely the best escape artists!

18. Rats don’t follow recipes, they’re the secret ingredient!

19. Remember, in the grand scheme of life, we’re all just rats looking for a bit of cheese.

20. Rats may be small, but their hearts are full of mischief!

Best Rat Puns: The Ultimate Rat-chive

If you love a good play on words, then our collection of the 30 Best Rat Puns will have you rolling on the floor like Mouse Puns. Get ready for some pun-derful rat humor!

Best Rat Puns

1. It’s a rat’s world, we’re just living in it.

2. I’m so rat-tled by your humor.

3. That movie was rat-ical!

4. Don’t play rat and mouse games with me!

5. His new car is rat-roactive!

6. This cheese is so good, it’s rat-diculous!

7. I’m feeling rat-tastic today!

8. She’s got some serious rat-itude!

9. He’s the big cheese in the rat race.

10. This is so rat-tifying!

11. Her dress is rat-resplendent!

12. I’ve got a real rat-petite for that pie!

13. What a rat-mazing story!

14. The rat who stole the cheese was a real rat-scoundrel.

15. That is some rat-ifying news!

16. I think that’s a rat-tletrap car!

17. Your sense of style is rat-ically cool!

18. I’m on a rat-ical diet of cheese and crackers.

19. I’ll take that with a side of rat-touille.

20. She ran the rat-athon in record time!

21. He’s a real rat-volutionary in the fashion world.

22. That joke was rat-voltingly funny!

23. Your outfit is absolutely rat-dazzling.

24. I’m rat-solutely certain about it!

25. The rat outsmarted the cat. That’s rat-diant!

26. That’s a rat-astrophic situation!

27. The news was rat-pidly spreading.

28. Don’t be such a rat-ical about it!

29. She’s a rat-nificent artist!

30. Your puns are rat-freshing!

FAQ Section: All About Rat Jokes

Now that we’ve shared our rat-iculously funny jokes, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about rat jokes.

Why are rat jokes funny?

  • Rat jokes, like all good humor, are based on unexpected twists and word play. Plus, who doesn’t love a cute, furry creature that’s up to some mischief?

Can rat jokes help me bond with my pet rat?

  • While your rat might not understand the jokes themselves, the joy and positivity you express when telling these jokes can indeed create a positive atmosphere for your pet.

Are these jokes appropriate for kids?

  • Absolutely! Our rat jokes are suitable for all ages, so feel free to share them with the whole family.


So there you have it, folks, our collection of 50 funny rat jokes. We hope you’ve enjoyed this whisker-tickling journey as much as we’ve enjoyed compiling it for you. Remember, humor comes in all sizes, and even our little rodent friends can inspire a hearty laugh. Stay tuned for more animal humor and keep the laughs coming!

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